Using Custom Data

While the Traveller Map displays the sectors of the Official Traveller Universe (OTU), it also provides tools for referees who have created custom sectors.

It is not possible to display custom data on the main map itself. But if you have created custom data and wish to include it on the map, consider submitting your data for inclusion.

Using Custom Data

While the following tools can be used with OTU sectors, they also let you enter custom data and metadata for your own sectors:

Poster Maker
Create posters for display on screen or print-quality PDFs.
Booklet Maker
Create printable booklets describing each subsector in the sector.
Path Finder
Find paths across a sector for ships with a given Jump rating.

Creating Sector Data

Sectors in Traveller are described using the Second Survey Data format. This defines the fields such as UWP, Remarks, Bases and so forth. It is assumed that referees are familiar with these fields from the various Traveller rules.

Data File Formats

Several sector data formats can be used with the Traveller Map:

The T5 formats (Tab and Column delimited) are the most precisely specified, support any field lengths (important for names and remarks) and the easiest to create with tools such as spreadsheets.

Checking Your Data

To ensure your data has no errors, use the Sector "Lint" Tool. It will provide detailed feedback on issues noted in the sector data, such as missing columns and unexpected values, and will report which file format was detected.

Note that even if T5 data formats are used, custom allegiance codes should still be only two characters. Four-character codes are assigned by the T5SS and unknown codes are treated as errors.

Creating Sector Metadata

Beyond the Second Survey Data (described above) which details the worlds, additional information is needed to fully describe out sectors. This is known as metadata and includes subsector names, routes, borders and labels.

Metadata File Formats

The Traveller Map supports two data formats for metadata: MSEC and XML.

The MSEC format was created by J. Greely and is used in his sec2pdf tool for generating PDF sector maps. The format is a plain text file, defined by example: SpinwardMarches.txt. Note that most but not all features of MSEC are supported by the Traveller Map.

The XML format is defined for the Traveller Map and is specified in detail in the Sector Metadata File Format document. The XML format is more complicated, but is recommended and fully supported by the Traveller Map, and includes additional features beyond those in MSEC.

Authoring Metadata

To author XML metadata, follow the template in Sector Metadata File Format. You can use these tools to help author the route and border sections:

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