Second Survey Data

The Traveller5 Second Survey format defines a standard for describing star systems in the Official Traveller Universe. It is composed of a series of fields describing various aspects of the Main World (MW) in each system including physical and cultural characteristics, and some details about other bodies in the system of interest to travellers.

The data for Regina (Spinward Marches 1910), home of Duke Norris and an influential world on the edge of the Third Imperium can be summarized in Second Survey format as:

Different editions of Traveller and different authors and publications may include different fields, present the fields in different orders, or provide different values for fields. The companion document Sector Data File Formats may be used for reference.


Hex Location

1910 Regina A788899-C Ri Pa Ph An Cp (Amindii)2 { 4 } (D7E+4) [9C6D] BcCeF NS - 703 8 ImDd F7 V BD M3 V

The location of the world within a sector, given as a four digit number identifying a position on a hexagonal grid. The first two digits are the distance from the spinward edge in parsecs ranging from 01 through 32. The second two digits are the distance from the coreward edge in parsecs ranging from 01 through 40.

Main World Name

1910 Regina A788899-C Ri Pa Ph An Cp (Amindii)2 { 4 } (D7E+4) [9C6D] BcCeF NS - 703 8 ImDd F7 V BD M3 V

Name of the primary world in the system. Most characteristics given in the UWP, such as physical and cultural attributes, refer to this world.

UWP - Universal World Profile

1910 Regina A788899-C Ri Pa Ph An Cp (Amindii)2 { 4 } (D7E+4) [9C6D] BcCeF NS - 703 8 ImDd F7 V BD M3 V

The UWP gives a compact description of the physical and cultural aspects of the Main World, as well the starport facilities and available technology. The fields are respectively:

Code Description
Starport Type of starport facility on world.
Size World diameter (in units of 1,600 kilometers).
Atmosphere World atmosphere type.
Hydrographics World surface covered with water (in tenths).
Population Exponent of intelligent population.
Government World government type.
Law Level Degree of oppression by law.
Technological Level Level of technological achievement.


1910 Regina A788899-C Ri Pa Ph An Cp (Amindii)2 { 4 } (D7E+4) [9C6D] BcCeF NS - 703 8 ImDd F7 V BD M3 V

Starport indicates the best quality starport in the star system available to travellers.

Code Starport Description
A Excellent Quality. Refined fuel available. Annual maintenance overhaul available. Shipyard capable of constructing starships and non-starships present. Nava base and/or scout base may be present.
B Good Quality. Refined fuel available. Annual maintenance overhaul available. Shipyard capable of constructing non-starships present. Naval base and/or scout base may be present.
C Routine Quality. Only unrefined fuel available. Reasonable repair facilities present. Scout base may be present.
D Poor Quality. Only unrefined fuel available. No repair facilities present. Scout base may be present.
E Frontier Installation. Essentially a marked spot of bedrock with no fuel, facilities, or bases present.
X No Starport. No provision is made for any ship landings.


Worlds other than the Main World in a system may also be described by UWP codes. The port, if any, is referred to as a spaceport.

Code Spaceport Description
F Good Quality. Minor damage repairable. Unrefined fuel available.
G Poor Quality. Superficial repairs possible. Unrefined fuel available.
H Primitive Quality. No repairs or fuel available.
Y None.


1910 Regina A788899-C Ri Pa Ph An Cp (Amindii)2 { 4 } (D7E+4) [9C6D] BcCeF NS - 703 8 ImDd F7 V BD M3 V

Size expresses the diameter of a world in approximately 1,600km units (or 1,000 mile units).

Size code 0 indicates that the main "world" of the system is an asteroid belt.

Size Diameter (km) Mass (Earth = 1) Area (Earth = 1) Gravity (G) Esc. Vel (km/s)
1 1,600 0.0019 0.015 0.122 1.35
2 3,200 0.015 0.063 0.240 2.69
3 4,800 0.053 0.141 0.377 4.13
4 6,400 0.125 0.250 0.500 5.49
5 8,000 0.244 0.391 0.625 6.87
6 9,600 0.422 0.563 0.840 8.72
7 11,200 0.670 0.766 0.875 9.62
8 12,800 1.000 1.000 1.000 11.00
9 14,400 1.424 1.266 1.120 12.35
A 16,000 1.953 1.563 1.250 13.73
B 18,800 2.600 1.891 1.375 15.34
C 19,200 3.375 2.250 1.500 16.74
D 20,800 4.291 2.641 1.625 18.13
E 22,400 5.359 3.063 1.750 19.52
F 24,000 6.592 3.516 1.875 20.92

The above table assumes a density similar to Earth (5.5 grams per cubic centimeter).


1910 Regina A788899-C Ri Pa Ph An Cp (Amindii)2 { 4 } (D7E+4) [9C6D] BcCeF NS - 703 8 ImDd F7 V BD M3 V

Atmosphere type shows the general character of the atmosphere for a world on its surface.

Code Description
0 No atmosphere. Requires vacc suit.
1 Trace. Requires vacc suit.
2 Very thin. Tainted. Requires combination respirator/filter.
3 Very thin. Requires respirator.
4 Thin. Tainted. Requires filter mask.
5 Thin. Breathable.
6 Standard. Breathable.
7 Standard. Tainted. Requires filter mask.
8 Dense. Breathable.
9 Dense. Tainted. Requires filter mask.
A Exotic. Requires special protective equipment.
B Corrosive. Requires protective suit.
C Insidious. Requires protective suit.
D Dense, high. Breathable above a minimum altitude.
E Thin, low. Breathable below certain altitudes.
F Unusual.


1910 Regina A788899-C Ri Pa Ph An Cp (Amindii)2 { 4 } (D7E+4) [9C6D] BcCeF NS - 703 8 ImDd F7 V BD M3 V

Hydrographics shows the percentage of world surface covered by seas or oceans. If atmosphere type is A or above, fluid may be present in place of water.

Code Description
0 No water. Desert World.
1 10% water.
2 20% water.
3 30% water.
4 40% water.
5 50% water.
6 60% water.
7 70% water. Equivalent to Terra or Vland.
8 80% water.
9 90% water.
A 100% water. Water World.

Population Exponent

1910 Regina A788899-C Ri Pa Ph An Cp (Amindii)2 { 4 } (D7E+4) [9C6D] BcCeF NS - 703 8 ImDd F7 V BD M3 V

The population exponent gives an order-of-magnitude approximation of a world's population. Together with the population multiplier digit in the PBG field, the world population can be computed as:

population = multiplier × 10exponent

Code Description
0 Few or no inhabitants.
1 Tens of inhabitants.
2 Hundreds of inhabitants.
3 Thousands of inhabitants.
4 Tens of thousands of inhabitants.
5 Hundreds of thousands of inhabitants.
6 Millions of inhabitants.
7 Tens of millions of inhabitants.
8 Hundreds of millions of inhabitants.
9 Billions of inhabitants.
A Tens of billions of inhabitants.
B Hundreds of billions of inhabitants.
C Trillions of inhabitants.
D Tens of trillions of inhabitants.
E Hundreds of trillions of inhabitants.
F Quadrillions of inhabitants.

Government Type

1910 Regina A788899-C Ri Pa Ph An Cp (Amindii)2 { 4 } (D7E+4) [9C6D] BcCeF NS - 703 8 ImDd F7 V BD M3 V

Government shows the basic governmental structure for a world.

Codes G and above were defined in the Classic Traveller alien modules for sophont-specific govenment types. Other editions of Traveller may define other values for certain codes.

Code Description Allegiance
0 No Government Structure.
1 Company/Corporation.
2 Participating Democracy.
3 Self-Perpetuating Oligarchy.
4 Representative Democracy.
5 Feudal Technocracy.
6 Captive Government / Colony.
7 Balkanization.
8 Civil Service Bureaucracy.
9 Impersonal Bureaucracy.
A Charismatic Dictator.
B Non-Charismatic Dictator.
C Charismatic Oligarchy.
D Religious Dictatorship.
E Religious Autocracy.
F Totalitarian Oligarchy.
G Small Station or Facility. Aslan.
H Split Clan Control. Aslan.
J Single On-world Clan Control. Aslan.
K Single Multi-world Clan Control. Aslan.
L Major Clan Control. Aslan.
M Vassal Clan Control. Aslan.
N Major Vassal Clan Control. Aslan.
P Small Station or Facility. K’kree.
Q Krurruna or Krumanak Rule for Off-world Steppelord. K’kree.
R Steppelord On-world Rule K’kree.
S Sept. Hiver.
T Unsupervised Anarchy. Hiver.
U Supervised Anarchy. Hiver.
W Committee. Hiver.
X Droyne Hierarchy. Droyne.

Traveller: The New Era

Worlds in the Wilds (allegiance code: Wi) use a different set of government codes.

Code Description
0 No Government Structure.
1 Tribal Government.
2 Participating Democracy.
3 Representative Democracy.
4 Charismatic Dictator.
5 Charismatic Oligarchy.
6 Technologically Elevated Dictator (TED).
7 Mystic Dictatorship.
8 Totalitarian Oligarchy.
9 Mystic Autocracy.
A Civil Service Bureaucracy.
B Self-Perpetuating Oligarchy.
C Impersonal Bureaucracy.

Law Level

1910 Regina A788899-C Ri Pa Ph An Cp (Amindii)2 { 4 } (D7E+4) [9C6D] BcCeF NS - 703 8 ImDd F7 V BD M3 V

Law level indicates basic legal status and shows probability of harassment by local enforcers.

Code Description
0 No prohibitions.
1 Body pistols, explosives, and poison gas prohibited.
2 Portable energy weapons prohibited.
3 Machine guns, automatic rifles prohibited.
4 Light assault weapons prohibited.
5 Personal concealable weapons prohibited.
6 All firearms except shotguns prohibited.
7 Shotguns prohibited.
8 Long bladed weapons controlled; open possession prohibited.
9 Possession of weapons outside the home prohibited.
A Weapon possession prohibited.
B Rigid control of civilian movement.
C Unrestricted invasion of privacy.
D Paramilitary law enforcement.
E Full-fledged police state.
F All facets of daily life regularly legislated and controlled.
G Severe punishment for petty infractions.
H Legalized oppressive practices.
J Routinely oppressive and restrictive.
K Excessively oppressive and restrictive.
L Totally oppressive and restrictive.
S Special/Variable situation.

Technological Level

1910 Regina A788899-C Ri Pa Ph An Cp (Amindii)2 { 4 } (D7E+4) [9C6D] BcCeF NS - 703 8 ImDd F7 V BD M3 V

Technological level shows the degree of technological sophistication to be expected on a world.

Code Description
0 Stone Age. Primitive.
1 Bronze, Iron. Bronze Age to Middle Ages
2 Printing Press. circa 1400 to 1700.
3 Basic Science. circa 1700 to 1860.
4 External Combustion. circa 1860 to 1900.
5 Mass Production. circa 1900 to 1939.
6 Nuclear Power. circa 1940 to 1969.
7 Miniaturized Electronics. circa 1970 to 1979.
8 Quality Computers. circa 1980 to 1989.
9 Anti-Gravity. circa 1990 to 2000.
A Interstellar community.
B Lower Average Imperial.
C Average Imperial.
D Above Average Imperial.
E Above Average Imperial.
F Technical Imperial Maximum.
G Robots.
H Artificial Intelligence.
J Personal Disintegrators.
K Plastic Metals.
L Comprehensible only as technological magic.

Remarks and Trade Codes

1910 Regina A788899-C Ri Pa Ph An Cp (Amindii)2 { 4 } (D7E+4) [9C6D] BcCeF NS - 703 8 ImDd F7 V BD M3 V

Remarks and trade classifications indicate obvious or important characteristics for the Main World in the system. They serve to show the potential for a world based on its capacity as a source of trade goods, a market for trade goods, or both.

AsAsteroid Belt.Siz 0
DeDesert.Atm 2-9, Hyd 0
FlFluid Hydrographics (in place of water).Atm A-C, Hyd 1+
GaGarden World.Siz 6-8, Atm 5,6,8, Hyd 5-7
HeHellworld.Siz 3+, Atm 2,4,7,9-C, Hyd 0-2
IcIce Capped.Atm 0-1, Hyd 1+
OcOcean World.Siz A+, Hyd A
VaVacuum World.Atm 0
WaWater World.Siz 3-9, Atm 3-9, Hyd A
DiDieback.PGL 0, TL 1+
BaBarren.PGL 0, TL 0
LoLow Population.Pop 1-3
NiNon-Industrial.Pop 4-6
PhPre-High Population.Pop 8
HiHigh Population.Pop 9+
PaPre-Agricultural.Atm 4-9, Hyd 4-8, Pop 4,8
AgAgricultural.Atm 4-9, Hyg 4-8, Pop 5-7
NaNon-Agricultural.Atm 3-, Hyd 3-, Pop 6+
PiPre-Industrial.Atm 0,1,2,4,7,9, Pop 7-8
InIndustrialized.Atm 0,1,2,4,7,9-C, Pop 9+
PoPoor.Atm 2-5, Hyd 3-
PrPre-Rich.Atm 6,8, Pop 5,9
RiRich.Atm 6,8, Pop 6-8
FrFrozen.Siz 2-9, Hyd 1+, HZ +2 or Outer
HoHot.HZ -1
CoCold.HZ +1
LkLocked.Close Satellite
TrTropic.Siz 6-9, Atm 4-9, Hyd 3-7, HZ -1
TuTundra.Siz 6-9, Atm 4-9, Hyd 3-7, HZ +1
TzTwilight Zone.Orbit 0-1
FaFarming.Atm 4-9, Hyd 4-8, Pop 2-6, Not MW, HZ
MiMining.Pop 2-6, Not MW, MW=In
MrMilitary Rule.By regional Allegiance power.
Mr(AAAA)Military Rule (by allegiance AAAA).
PxPrison, Exile Camp.MW
PePenal Colony.Not MW
CpSubsector Capital.
CsSector Capital.
CyColony (see O:XXYY).
SaSatellite (Main World is a moon of a Gas Giant).
FoForbidden (Red Zone).
PzPuzzle (Amber Zone).Pop 7+
DaDanger (Amber Zone).Pop 6-
AbData Repository.
AnAncient Site.
RsResearch Station.Imperial.
RsAResearch Station A = Alpha, B = Beta, G = Gamma, etc.Imperial.
O:XXYYControlled by world in hex XXYY.
O:SSSS-XXYYControlled by world in hex XXYY in sector SSSS.
[Sophont]Homeworld of major race.
(Sophont)Homeworld of minor race. 0-9 indicates tenths of population if < 100%.
Di(Sophont)Homeworld of extinct minor race (Dieback).
Soph0Sophont Population. Soph is an abbreviation for the sophont name. 0-9 indicates tenths of population; W is 100%, e.g. DroyW.
Non-Standard / Legacy Codes
S0Sophont Population. S is an abbreviation for the sophont name. 0-9 indicates tenths of population; w is 100%, e.g. Dw
NhNon-Hiver Population.Hiver.
NkNon-K’kree Population.K’kree.
TpTerra-prime. Adventure 5: Leviathan.
TnTerra-norm. Adventure 5: Leviathan.
LtLow Technology. Mongoose Publishing.
HtHigh Technology. Mongoose Publishing.
ExExile Camp.Imperial.
PrPrison World.Imperial.
XbXboat Station.Imperial.
CrReserve Capital.Zhodani.
S#Stellar companion orbits (F = far), e.g. S19 indicates companion stars are in orbits 1 and 9; SF1 indicates far companion is binary (companion in orbit 1)
{...}Other comments or annotations.

Sophont Codes

Notable populations of sophonts are present in the Remarks section. The species of sophont is identified using codes defined below.


The sophont code is a 4-character code which is selected to uniquely identify a sophont species in Charted Space.

AddaAddaxurZhodani space
AquaAquans (Daga)/​Aquamorphs (Alph)Daga (Aquans)/Alph (Aquamorphs)
BwapBwapsImperial/Vilani space
DolpDolphinsImperial/Solomani space
GurvGurvinHiver space
HiveHiverHiver space
HumaHuman (Vilani/​Solomani-mixed)Imperial/Solomani space
IthkIthklurHiver space
K'krK'kreeK'kree space
LamuLamura Gav/​TegHint
LlelLlellewyloly (Dandies)Spin
OrcaOrcaImperial/Solomani space
UApeUplifted ApesImperial/Solomani space
VargVargrAnta/Corr/Dagu/Dene/Empt/Ley/Lish/Spin/Vargr space
ZhodZhodaniZhodani space

Classic Traveller, MegaTraveller, Traveller: The New Era, Traveller: 4th Edition

Legacy sophont abbreviations include: A = Aslan, C = Chirper, D = Droyne, F = Non-Hiver Federation Member, H = Hiver, I = Ithklur, M = Human (e.g. in Vargr space), V = Vargr, X = Addaxur, Z = Zhodani.

Importance Extension

1910 Regina A788899-C Ri Pa Ph An Cp (Amindii)2 { 4 } (D7E+4) [9C6D] BcCeF NS - 703 8 ImDd F7 V BD M3 V

The Importance Extension is abbreviated Ix and written in braces ({}). It is a decimal integer (positive, negative, or zero) ranking the importance of the world within a region.

Economic Extension

1910 Regina A788899-C Ri Pa Ph An Cp (Amindii)2 { 4 } (D7E+4) [9C6D] BcCeF NS - 703 8 ImDd F7 V BD M3 V

The Economic Extension is abbreviated Ex and written in parentheses (()). It describes the strength of a world's economy. It is given as three eHex digits representing Resources, Labor and Infrastructure, followed by a decimal integer representing Efficiency written with a leading sign (zero is written as +0).

Cultural Extension

1910 Regina A788899-C Ri Pa Ph An Cp (Amindii)2 { 4 } (D7E+4) [9C6D] BcCeF NS - 703 8 ImDd F7 V BD M3 V

The Cultural Extension is abbreviated Cx and written in brackets ([]). It gives insight into the social behavior of the world's population. It is given as four eHex digits representing Homogeneity, Acceptance, Strangeness, and Symbols.


1910 Regina A788899-C Ri Pa Ph An Cp (Amindii)2 { 4 } (D7E+4) [9C6D] BcCeF NS - 703 8 ImDd F7 V BD M3 V

For Imperial worlds, the noble ranks assigned to the world by the Emperor based on importance.

If no noble ranks are assigned to the system, the field may be empty, a blank (space) or - (dash).

CodeRanking Noble
FSubsector Duke.


1910 Regina A788899-C Ri Pa Ph An Cp (Amindii)2 { 4 } (D7E+4) [9C6D] BcCeF NS - 703 8 ImDd F7 V BD M3 V

Base codes show the presence of military bases in a system; special codes deal with the presence of more than one type of base within the same system in order to maintain a single base code letter per system.

If no bases are present in the system, the field may be empty, a blank (space) or - (dash).

Base codes have changed significantly between different editions of Traveller. Sector data collections must indicate which set of codes are in use. Sector data collections may also define custom meanings for base codes.


Code Description Allegiance
C Corsair Base. Vargr.
D Naval Depot. Any.
E Embassy. Hiver.
K Naval Base. Any.
M Military Base. Any.
N Naval Base. Imperial.
R Clan Base. Aslan.
S Scout Base. Imperial.
T Tlaukhu Base. Aslan.
V Exploration Base. Any.
W Way Station. Any.

Multiple codes may be used if multiple bases are present. For example, NS indicates that the system contains both an Imperial Naval Base and an Imperial Scout Base. Base codes should appear in alphabetical order, i.e. MN rather than NM.

Classic Traveller, MegaTraveller, Traveller: The New Era, Traveller: 4th Edition

Code Description Allegiance
A Naval Base and Scout Base. Imperial.
B Naval Base and Way Station. Imperial.
C Corsair Base. Vargr.
D Depot. Imperial.
E Embassy Center. Hiver.
F Military and Naval Base.
G Naval Base. Vargr.
H Naval Base and Corsair Base. Vargr.
J Naval Base.
K Naval Base. K’kree
L Naval Base. Hiver.
M Military Base.
N Naval Base. Imperial.
O Naval Outpost. K’kree
P Naval Base. Droyne.
Q Military Garrison. Droyne.
R Clan Base. Aslan.
S Scout Base. Imperial.
T Tlauku Base. Aslan.
U Tlauku and Clan Base. Aslan.
V Scout/Exploration Base.
W Way Station. Imperial.
X Relay Station. Zhodani.
Y Depot. Zhodani.
Z Naval/Military Base. Zhodani.

Base codes indicate allegiance and general mission or type.

Travel Zone

1910 Regina A788899-C Ri Pa Ph An Cp (Amindii)2 { 4 } (D7E+4) [9C6D] BcCeF NS - 703 8 ImDd F7 V BD M3 V

Codes assigned to the system by government or private institutions about the safety of travel within the system.

Worlds given a Green Zone rating are usually indicated by leaving the data field blank or - (dash).

Code Description
R Red. Interdicted. Dangerous. Prohibited. Imperial.
A Amber. Potentially dangerous. Caution advised. Imperial.
G Green. Unrestricted. Imperial.
B Blue. Balkanized — code is dominant government. TNE (circa 1201).
F Forbidden. Access prohibited. Zhodani.
U Unabsorbed. Access restricted. Zhodani.

Imperial travel codes are provided by the Journal of the Travellers’ Aid Society, and are used with permission of that publication. Worlds outside the Imperium should be considered Amber Zones by travellers from the Imperium.

PBG - Population, Belts, Giants

1910 Regina A788899-C Ri Pa Ph An Cp (Amindii)2 { 4 } (D7E+4) [9C6D] BcCeF NS - 703 8 ImDd F7 V BD M3 V

Population Multiplier

1910 Regina A788899-C Ri Pa Ph An Cp (Amindii)2 { 4 } (D7E+4) [9C6D] BcCeF NS - 703 8 ImDd F7 V BD M3 V

The first eHex digit is the population multiplier. Together with the population exponent in the UWP field, the world population can be computed as:

population = multiplier × 10exponent

Some legacy files may erroneously have 0 for the population multiplier but non-zero for the population exponent. Treat the multiplier as 1 in these cases.

Planetoid Belts

1910 Regina A788899-C Ri Pa Ph An Cp (Amindii)2 { 4 } (D7E+4) [9C6D] BcCeF NS - 703 8 ImDd F7 V BD M3 V

The second eHex digit is the number of planetoid belts in the system. A Main World of size 0 is termed an asteriod belt, and is not counted here.

Gas Giants

1910 Regina A788899-C Ri Pa Ph An Cp (Amindii)2 { 4 } (D7E+4) [9C6D] BcCeF NS - 703 8 ImDd F7 V BD M3 V

The third eHex digit is the number of gas giants in the system, suitable for fuel skimming.


1910 Regina A788899-C Ri Pa Ph An Cp (Amindii)2 { 4 } (D7E+4) [9C6D] BcCeF NS - 703 8 ImDd F7 V BD M3 V

The number of "worlds" in the system. This is given as a decimal integer, and will always be at least 1 (the Main World) plus the number of planetoid belts (see PBG) plus the number of gas giants (see PBG) but will include other planets orbiting the star(s) in the system.

Note that gas giant satellites are not counted, unless the satellite is the Main World itself - identified with remark Sa.


1910 Regina A788899-C Ri Pa Ph An Cp (Amindii)2 { 4 } (D7E+4) [9C6D] BcCeF NS - 703 8 ImDd F7 V BD M3 V

Allegiances indicate the government which dominates a system. A short abbreviation is used.


The allegiance code is a 4-character code which is selected to uniquely identify a polity in Charted Space. Previous editions used a 2-character code (see below).

3EoGGaThird Empire of GashikanMend/Gash/Tren
4WorFwFour WorldsFarf
AkUnAkAkeena UnionGate
AlCoAlAltarean ConfederationVang
AnTCAcAnubian Trade CoalitionHint
AsIfAsIyeaao'fte (Tlaukhu client state)Ustr
AsMwAsAslan Hierate, single multiple-world clan dominatesAkti/Dark/Eali/Hlak/Iwah/Reav/Rift/Stai/Troj/Uist/Ustr/Verg
AsOfAsOleaiy'fte (Tlaukhu client state)Ustr
AsScAsAslan Hierate, multiple clans split controlAkti/Dark/Eali/Hlak/Iwah/Reav/Rift/Stai/Troj/Uist/Ustr
AsSFAsAslan Hierate, small facility (temporary)
AsT0A0Aslan Hierate, Tlaukhu control, Yerlyaruiwo (1), Hrawoao (13), Eisohiyw (14), Ferekhearl (19)Akti/Dark/Eali/Hlak/Iwah/Reav/Rift/Stai/Troj/Uist/Ustr
AsT1A1Aslan Hierate, Tlaukhu control, Khauleairl (2), Estoieie' (16), Toaseilwi (22)Akti/Dark/Eali/Hlak/Iwah/Reav/Rift/Stai/Troj/Uist/Ustr
AsT2A2Aslan Hierate, Tlaukhu control, Syoisuis (3)Akti/Dark/Eali/Hlak/Iwah/Reav/Rift/Stai/Troj/Uist/Ustr
AsT3A3Aslan Hierate, Tlaukhu control, Tralyeaeawi (4), Yulraleh (12), Aiheilar (25), Riyhalaei (28)Akti/Dark/Eali/Hlak/Iwah/Reav/Rift/Stai/Troj/Uist/Ustr
AsT4A4Aslan Hierate, Tlaukhu control, Eakhtiyho (5), Eteawyolei' (11), Fteweyeakh (23)Akti/Dark/Eali/Hlak/Iwah/Reav/Rift/Stai/Troj/Uist/Ustr
AsT5A5Aslan Hierate, Tlaukhu control, Hlyueawi (6), Isoitiyro (15)Akti/Dark/Eali/Hlak/Iwah/Reav/Rift/Stai/Troj/Uist/Ustr
AsT6A6Aslan Hierate, Tlaukhu control, Uiktawa (7), Iykyasea (17), Faowaou (27)Akti/Dark/Eali/Hlak/Iwah/Reav/Rift/Stai/Troj/Uist/Ustr
AsT7A7Aslan Hierate, Tlaukhu control, Ikhtealyo (8), Tlerfearlyo (20), Yehtahikh (24)Akti/Dark/Eali/Hlak/Iwah/Reav/Rift/Stai/Troj/Uist/Ustr
AsT8A8Aslan Hierate, Tlaukhu control, Seieakh (9), Akatoiloh (18), We'okunir (29)Akti/Dark/Eali/Hlak/Iwah/Reav/Rift/Stai/Troj/Uist/Ustr
AsT9A9Aslan Hierate, Tlaukhu control, Aokhalte (10), Sahao' (21), Ouokhoi (26)Akti/Dark/Eali/Hlak/Iwah/Reav/Rift/Stai/Troj/Uist/Ustr
AsTATaTealou Arlaoh (Aslan independent clan, non-outcast)Uist/Ustr
AsTvAsAslan Hierate, Tlaukhu vassal clan dominatesAkti/Dark/Eali/Hlak/Iwah/Reav/Rift/Stai/Troj/Uist/Ustr
AsTzAsAslan Hierate, Zodia clan (Tralyeaeawi vassal)Iwah
AsVcAsAslan Hierate, vassal clan dominatesAkti/Dark/Eali/Hlak/Iwah/Reav/Rift/Stai/Troj/Uist/Ustr
AsWcAsAslan Hierate, single one-world clan dominatesAkti/Dark/Eali/Hlak/Iwah/Reav/Rift/Stai/Troj/Uist/Ustr
AsXXAsAslan Hierate, unknownAkti/Dark/Eali/Hlak/Iwah/Reav/Rift/Stai/Troj/Uist/Ustr
BiumBiThe BiumvirateFarf
BlSoBsBelgardian SojurnateTroj
CaAsCbCarrillian AssemblyReav
CAEMEsComsentient Alliance, Eslyat MagistracyBeyo/Vang
CAinCoComsentient Alliance, independentVang
CAKTKtComsentient Alliance, Kajaani TriumverateVang
CaPrCaPrincipality of CaledonReav
CaTeCtCarter TechnocracyReav
CoBaBaConfederation of BammesukaMend
CoLpLpCouncil of Leh PerashHint
CsCaCaClient state, Principality of CaledonReav
CsHvHcClient state, Hiver FederationCruc/Spic
CsImCsClient state, Third Imperiumvarious
CsMPMsClient state, Ma'Gnar PrimarchicBeyo
CsTwKCClient state, Two Thousand Worldsvarious
CsZhCzClient state, Zhodani ConsulateSpin/Troj
CyUnCuCytralin UnityHint
DaCfDaDarrian ConfederationSpin
DeHgDhDescarothe HegemonyFarf
DeNoDnDemos of NoblesNewo
DiGrDgDienbach GrüpenNewo
DiWbDwDie WeltbundBeyo
DoAlAzDomain of AlntzarFarf
DuCfCdConfederation of DuncinaeReav
FCSAFcFour Corners Sovereign ArrayVang
FeAlFaFederation of AlsasFarf
FeAmFAFederation of AmilCruc
FeHeFhFederation of HeronGlim
FlLeFlFlorian LeagueTroj
GaFdGaGalian FederationGate
GaRpGrGamma RepublicGlim
GdKaRmGrand Duchy of KalradinCruc
GdMhMaGrand Duchy of MarlheimReav
GdStGsGrand Duchy of StonerGlim
GeOrGoGerontocracy of OrmineDark
GlEmGlGlorious Empire (Aslan independent clan, outcast)Troj
GlFeGfGlimmerdrift FederationCruc/Glim
GnClGiGniivi CollectiveHint
GrCoGrGrossdeutchland ConfederationVang
HaCoHcHaladon CooperativeFarf
HoPAHoHochiken People's AssemblyGate
HvFdHvHiver FederationSpic
HyLeHyHyperion LeagueVang
IHPrISI'Sred*Ni ProtectorateBeyo
ImApImThird Imperium, Amec ProtectorateDagu
ImDaImThird Imperium, Domain of AntaresAnta/Empt/Lish
ImDcImThird Imperium, Domain of SyleaCore/Delp/Forn/Mass
ImDdImThird Imperium, Domain of DenebDene/Reft/Spin/Troj
ImDgImThird Imperium, Domain of GatewayGlim/Hint/Ley
ImDiImThird Imperium, Domain of IlelishDaib/Ilel/Reav/Verg/Zaru
ImDsImThird Imperium, Domain of SolAlph/Dias/Magy/Olde/Solo
ImDvImThird Imperium, Domain of VlandCorr/Dagu/Gush/Reft/Vlan
ImLaImThird Imperium, League of AntaresAnta
ImLcImThird Imperium, Lancian Cultural RegionCorr/Dagu/Gush
ImLuImThird Imperium, Luriani Cultural AssociationLey/Forn
ImSyImThird Imperium, Sylean WorldsCore
ImVdVeThird Imperium, Vegan Autonomous DistrictSolo
IsDoIdIslaiat DominateEali
JAOzJoJulian Protectorate, Alliance of OzuvonMend
JaPaJaJarnac PashalicBeyo/Vang
JAsiJaJulian Protectorate, Asimikigir ConfederationAmdu/Mend
JCoKJcJulian Protectorate, Constitution of KoekhonAmdu/Mend
JHhkJhJulian Protectorate, Hhkar SphereAmdu/Mend
JLumJd/JlJulian Protectorate, Lumda DowerMend
JMenJmJulian Protectorate, Commonwealth of MendanMend/Gash
JPStJpJulian Protectorate, Pirbarish StarlaneMend
JRarVwJulian Protectorate, Rar Errall/Wolves WarrenMend
JuHlHlJulian Protectorate, Hegemony of LoreanAmdu/Empt/Mend
JUkhJuJulian Protectorate, Ukhanzi CoordinateMend
JuNaJnJurisdiction of NadonCano
JuPrJp/J-Julian Protectorate, independentAmdu/Empt/Mend
JuRuJrJulian Protectorate, Rukadukaz RepublicEmpt/Mend
JVugJvJulian Protectorate, Vugurar DominionMend
KaCoKCKatowice ConquestCruc
KaWoKWKarhyri WorldsCruc
KhLeKlKhuur LeagueLey
KkTwKkTwo Thousand Worlds (K'kree)various
KoEmKoKorsumug EmpireThet
KoPmPmPercavid MarchesThet
KPelPeKingdom of PeladonThet
LaCoLcLangemarck CoalitionVang
LeSuLsLeague of SunsFarf
LnRpLnLoyal Nineworlds RepublicGlim
LyCoLyLanyard ColoniesReav
MaClMaMapepire ClusterBeyo
MaEmMkMaskai EmpireGlim
MaPrMFMa'Gnar PrimarchicBeyo
MaUnMuMalorn UnionCano/Alde
MeCoMeMegusard CorporateGate
MiCoMiMische ConglomerateCruc
MnPrMnMnemosyne PrincipalityFarf
MrCoMCMercantile ConcordCruc
NaAsAsNon-Aligned, Aslan-dominated (outside Hierate)Akti/Dark/Eali/Rift/Uist/Ustr
NaHuNaNon-Aligned, Human-dominatedvarious
NaVaVaNon-Aligned, Vargr-dominatedvarious
NaXXNaNon-Aligned, unclaimedvarious
OcWsOwOutcasts of the Whispering SkyHint
OlWoOwOld WorldsCruc
PiFePiPionier FellowshipVang
PlLePlPlavian LeagueGate
ProtPtThe ProtectorateFarf
RaRaRaRal RantaHint
ReacRhThe ReachCruc
ReUnReRenkard UnionGate
SaCoScSalinaikin ConcordanceFarf
SarkScSarkan ConstellationMend
SeFoSfSenlis FoederateTroj
SlLgSlShukikikar LeagueGlim
SoBFSoSolomani Confederation, Bootean FederationSolo
SoCfSoSolomani ConfederationAlph/Diab/Dark/Hint/Magy/Olde/Reav/Solo/Spic/Ustr
SoCTSoSolomani Confederation, Consolidation of TurinAlph
SoFrFrSolomani Confederation, Third Reformed French Confederate RebublicAlde
SoHnHnSolomani Confederation, Hanuman SystemsLang
SoKvKvSolomani Confederation, Kostov Confederate RepublicNewo
SoNSSoSolomani Confederation, New Slavic SolidarityMagy
SoQuQuSolomani Confederation, Grand United States of QuesadaAlde
SoRDSoSolomani Confederation, Reformed Dootchen EstatesMagy
SoRzSoSolomani Confederation, Restricted ZoneAlde/Newo
SoWuSoSolomani Confederation, Wuan Technology AssociationDiab/Magy
StClScStrend ClusterTroj
SwCfSwSword Worlds ConfederationSpin
SwFWSwSwanfei Free WorldsGate
SyReSySyzlin RepublicCruc
TeClTcTellerian ClusterVang
TrBrTbTrita BrotherhoodCano
TrCoTrTrindel ConfederacyGate
TrDoTdTrelyn DomainVang/Farf
TroCTrTrooles ConfederationThet
UnGaUgUnion of GarthFarf
UnHaUhUnion of HarmonyDark/Reav
V17DV717th DisjuctureMesh/Wind
V40SVe40th Squadron (Ekhelle Ksafi)Gvur
VAnPVxAntares PactMesh/Mend
VARCVrAnti-Rukh Coalition (Gnoerrgh Rukh Lloell)Gvur
VAsPVxAscendancy PactKnoe
VAugVuUnited Followers of AugurghDene/Tugl
VBkAVbBakne AllianceTugl
VCKdVkCommonality of Kedzudh (Kedzudh Aeng)Gvur
VDeGVdDemocracy of GreatsKnoe
VDrNVNDrr'lana NetworkGash
VDzFVfDzarrgh FederateDene/Prov/Tugl
VFFDV1First Fleet of DzoMesh
VGoTVgGlory of TaarskoerznProv
ViCoViViyard ConcourseGate
VInLV9Infinity LeagueKnoe
VIrMVhIrrgh ManifestProv
VJoFVjJihad of FaarzgaenProv
VLInViLlaeghskath InteracterateProv/Tugl
VLPrVlLair ProtectorateProv
VNgCVnNgath ConfederationWind
VOpAVoOpposition AllianceKnoe
VOppVoOpposition AllianceMesh
VPGaVgPact of Gaerr (Gaerr Thue)Gvur
VRo5V5Ruler of FiveMesh
VRrSVWRranglloez StrongholdTugl
VRukVnWorlds of Leader Rukh (Rukh Aegz)Gvur
VSDpVsSaeknouth Dependency (Saeknouth Igz)Gvur
VSEqVdSociety of Equals (Dzen Aeng Kho)Gvur/Tugl
VThEVtThoengling Empire (Thoengling Raghz)Gvur/Tugl
VTrAVTTrae AggregationTren
VTzEVpThirz Empire (Thirz Uerra)Gvur/Ziaf
VVarVeEmpire of VarroerthProv/Tugl/Wind
VVoSVvVoekhaeb SocietyMesh
VWanVwPeople of WanzTugl
VWP2V2Windhorn Pact of TwoTugl
VYoeVQUnion of YoetyqqGash
WiDeWdWinston DemocracyAlde/Newo
ZePrZpZelphic PrimacyFarf
ZhAxAxZhodani Consulate, Addaxur ReserveTien
ZhCaCaZhodani Consulate, Colonnade ProvinceVang/Farf
ZhChZhZhodani Consulate, Chtierabl ProvinceChti
ZhCoZhZhodani Consulate, undeterminedvarious
ZhIaZhZhodani Consulate, Iabrensh ProvinceStia/Zdie
ZhINZhZhodani Consulate, Iadr Nsobl ProvinceFarf/Fore/Gvur/Spin/Yikl/Ziaf
ZhJpZhZhodani Consulate, Jadlapriants ProvinceTien/Zhda
ZhMeZhZhodani Consulate, Meqlemianz ProvinceEiap/Sidi/Eiap
ZhObZhZhodani Consulate, Obrefripl Provincevarious
ZhShZhZhodani Consulate, Shtochiadr ProvinceItvi/Tlab
ZhVQZhZhodani Consulate, Vlanchiets Qlom Provincevarious
ZuugZuZuugabish TripartiteMend
ZyCoZcZydarian CodominionBeyo

Classic Traveller, MegaTraveller, Traveller: The New Era, Traveller: 4th Edition

Older versions of Traveller use a 2-character code. Due to the limited number of useful 2-character codes, these are not unique across Charted Space. In addition to the secondary entries in the above table, the following codes are seen:

Code Description Edition
Dr Droyne world.
Dd Domain of Deneb MegaTraveller.
Fd Federation of Daibei MegaTraveller.
Fi Federation of Ilelish MegaTraveller.
La League of Antares MegaTraveller.
Li Lucan's Imperium MegaTraveller.
Ma Margaret's Stronghold MegaTraveller.
Rv Restored Vilani Empire/Ziru Sirka MegaTraveller.
St Strephon's Imperium MegaTraveller.
Wi Wilds Traveller: The New Era.
-- Empty, unclaimed system.

Stellar Data

1910 Regina A788899-C Ri Pa Ph An Cp (Amindii)2 { 4 } (D7E+4) [9C6D] BcCeF NS - 703 8 ImDd F7 V BD M3 V

Stellar data lists the stars in the system.

Normal stars fuse hydrogen, and occur in a variety of colors (due to temperature) and sizes (sub-dwarfs to super-giants). After a dwarf star exhausts its fuel it will briefly become a cool red giant then leave behind its core as an incredibly dense and bright white dwarf. A giant star will explode and leave behind an even denser neutron star or black hole. An object too small to fuse hydrogen but large enough to fuse deuterium is known as a brown dwarf.

Normal stars are described by their spectral class and luminosity. This uses a subset of the Morgan–Keenan classification system (also known as Yerkes or MKK), such as G2 V where G2 is the color/temperature (210th of the way from yellow G to orange K on the spectrum) and V is the luminosity/size (main sequence).

Stellar Spectral Class

Code Description Temperature (K)
O Blue >33,000
B Blue-White 10,000-33,000
A Blue-White 7,500-10,000
F Yellow-White 6,000-7,500
G Yellow 5,200-6,000
K Orange 3,700-5,200
M Red 2,000-3,700

Stellar type indicates the spectral classification of a star; colors are the essential perceived colors of the star’s visible light.

Stellar Luminosity

The luminosity gives the magnitude, or brightness of the star. This correlates with the size of the star, although it varies depending on spectral class.

Code Description Diameter (Sol = 1)
Ia Bright Supergiant. 52 - 3500
Ib Weak Supergiant. 30 - 3000
II Bright Giant. 14 - 1000
III Normal Giant. 4.6 - 360
IV Subgiant. 3.3 - 13
V Main Sequence Star. 0.2 - 10
VI Subdwarf. 0.1 - 1.2
D White Dwarf. 0.006 - 0.018

Classic Traveller, MegaTraveller, Traveller: The New Era, Traveller: 4th Edition

White dwarfs (the cores of dead stars) are represented by the size code D, optionally followed by a spectral code, e.g. DB, DA, DF, DG, DK, DM. (Note: This differs significantly from the real-world classification of white dwarfs.)

Some files may use luminosity code VII for white dwarfs instead.

The special code BH may be used for black holes.


White dwarfs are represented by the size code D with no spectral code.

The special code BD may be used for brown dwarf, sub-stellar objects.

The special code BH may be used for black holes.

eHex - Extended Hexadecimal

Traveller encodes numbers using "extended hexadecimal", which is really a way of encoding numbers larger than 9 into a single printable character. Numbers in the range 0-9 are represented as 0-9 as normal. Like hexadecimal, values in the range 10-15 are represented as A-F (always uppercase). But the encoding continues for values in the range 16-17 as G-H, 18-22 as J-N, and 23-30 as P-W.

Codes X, Y and Z may be used for 31-33 or may be reserved for exceptional values. Code X, in particular, is reserved for unknown values, such as the details of intentionally unexplored systems. Codes I and O are unused to avoid confusion with 1 and 0.

eHex Decimal
0 0
1 1
2 2
3 3
4 4
5 5
6 6
7 7
8 8
9 9
A 10
B 11
C 12
D 13
E 14
F 15
G 16
H 17
J 18
K 19
L 20
M 21
N 22
P 23
Q 24
R 25
S 26
T 27
U 28
V 29
W 30
X 31*
Y 32*
Z 33*

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