Submitting Data

Thanks to the long history of attempts to flesh out Charted Space, by individuals who often went on to become authors, and groups such as HIWG, unofficial data is welcomed as a source of enjoyment for all players of Traveller and included in the map.

Submission Type #1: "Faraway" Sectors

Sectors not intended to be related to the OTU, designed for your Traveller campaigns or simply the enjoyment of other players, may be hosted on the Traveller Map. These sectors will be listed as Unofficial, and be placed in locations far from Charted Space. You may view these as distant "islands" in the vast seas of the Milky Way galaxy - perhaps on the far side of a wormhole, or where misjumps lead - but this is really just a convenient partitioning scheme.

There are few, if any, restrictions placed on "faraway" sectors. They may be home to unofficial major races, show evidence of stellar engineering, and so forth. As an example, sectors published by the Judges Guild were "approved for use with Traveller" but are no longer considered official. These are presented as "faraway" sectors on the map, far from charted space: Judges Guild Sectors.

Submission Type #2: OTU Additions

Sectors intended to "fill in the blanks" of the OTU, places where the T5SS has not yet approved data, are welcome submissions to the Traveller Map.

At a minimum, such sectors should match adjacent sectors. Specifically, stellar densities, polities, populations, starports, tech levels and routes should blend smoothly with adjoining sectors. And since there are no other major races in the OTU, beyond the core of Charted Space there will rarely be large empires. The farther from Core sector you go, the more primitive the region.


Submissions should be in one of the supported data formats, and ideally include sector metadata as well for routes, borders, etc.

Check your data with the Sector Lint Tool. You can use the Border Maker and Route Maker to produce metadata, and preview your results with the Poster Maker.

The Traveller Map site is run by Joshua Bell. Contact him at with your submissions.

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